1. Superstar Resume.com

It’s us! Superstarresume.com stands out for its highly personalized approach to resume writing, catering to a diverse range of industries and career levels. With a team of seasoned writers, the service emphasizes understanding each client’s unique career goals and crafting resumes that highlight their strengths and achievements. The service boasts a quick turnaround time, ensuring clients receive their professionally crafted resumes promptly. While fees might be on the higher side, the value delivered through tailored expertise and dedicated customer service justifies the investment.

Pros: Customized service, experienced writers in various fields, quick turnaround.

Cons: Pricing might be higher compared to some other services.

Fees: Starting From 169$.

No.Service ProviderFeesServices Description
1Superstar Resume.comStarting from $169Highly personalized resume writing, quick turnaround, customized service for various industries.
2Find My Profession$395 – $995Global career consultancy, personalized touch, ATS-compatible resumes, 60-day interview guarantee.
3ResumeZest$279 – $479Affordable, quick service, 60-day interview guarantee, caters to over 75 industries.
4ResumeSpice$449 – $689Founded by recruiters, 60-day interview guarantee, satisfaction guarantee, range of samples available online.
5Boardroom Resumes$950Over 50 years of combined experience, personalized consultations, comprehensive approach.
6Houston Outplacement$330 – $495Direct collaboration, same-day service available, virtual and in-person resume writing services.
7USA Resume$159 – $349Industry-specific writing, free resume reviews, service in Texas with three offices.
8Resumes By Design$695+Personalized service with 20+ years of experience, 98% success rate in securing new jobs.
9Resumes That Sell You$125 – $175Affordable entry-level service, practical and effective resume strategies since 2005.
10Houston Resume Writing~$200+Local service, in-person meetings, personalized approach, specializes in a variety of industries.
11Williams Commerce Writing Services$124.99Comprehensive approach, experience since 2014, resume writing and review services offered.

2. Find My Profession

Find My Profession offers more than just resume writing; it’s a career consultancy that has gained acclaim globally. Their service stands out due to the team’s experience in over 85 industries, providing a personalized touch with one-on-one consultations. The resumes are ATS compatible and tailored to individual needs, with a remarkable track record of landing clients in prestigious companies. Although they operate virtually without a physical presence in Houston, their reputation, backed by numerous positive reviews, makes them a top choice. Their pricing, though on the higher end, reflects the quality and comprehensive nature of their services.

Pros: Extensive industry coverage, ATS-compatible resumes, 60-day interview guarantee.

Cons: Higher pricing, no physical office in Houston.

Fees: $395 – $995

3. ResumeZest

ResumeZest is a well-rounded newcomer in the resume writing arena, catering to over 75 industries. Known for its affordable pricing and quick service, the company guarantees interviews within 60 days of resume submission. Despite being a newer company, their experienced writers and member status with the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) have quickly established them as a reliable choice for job seekers. Their competitive edge lies in balancing cost-effectiveness with high-quality writing, making professional resume services accessible to a wider audience.

Pros: Affordable pricing, quick turnaround, 60-day interview guarantee.

Cons: Lack of long-term industry presence.

Fees: $279 – $479​​.

4. ResumeSpice

Founded by recruiting professionals, ResumeSpice brings a unique perspective to resume writing, blending insider hiring knowledge with expert writing skills. They offer a 60-day interview guarantee and a satisfaction guarantee, underlining their confidence in their services. Their website provides a variety of samples, showcasing their expertise. However, the lack of clarity on individual writers’ certifications and the absence of separate teams for career coaching and resume writing are points to consider. Their service is relatively pricey, but the fast turnaround and strong customer reviews suggest a high value for the investment.

Pros: 60-day interview guarantee, a range of samples available online.

Cons: Unclear if writers hold resume writing certifications.

Fees: $449 – $689

5. Boardroom Resumes

Boardroom Resumes focuses on achieving tangible employment outcomes for clients. They bring over 50 years of combined experience in professional resume writing. The service stands out for offering personalized consultations, allowing clients to discuss their career aspirations directly. However, the lack of detailed package information online and the absence of writer qualifications might require prospective clients to conduct additional inquiries. Their higher pricing is a consideration, but their comprehensive approach and successful track record could make the investment worthwhile for those seeking a more bespoke service.

Pros: Complimentary consultation, experienced team.

Cons: No detailed package information online, expensive.

Fees: $950

6. Houston Outplacement

Houston Outplacement, helmed by Bridget Batson, a certified resume writer with over 20 years of experience, offers a blend of virtual and in-person resume writing services. They stand out for their same-day service and direct collaboration with Bridget, ensuring a highly personalized experience. The inclusion of cover letters in all packages, irrespective of client need, and the absence of direct purchase options from the website are minor drawbacks. Their pricing is competitive, and the service is particularly appealing to those who value immediate and personalized resume assistance.

Pros: Direct collaboration with Bridget, same-day service available.

Cons: Packages include cover letters whether needed or not.

Fees: $330 – $495

7. USA Resume

USA Resume is notable for its industry-specific writing approach and presence in Texas with three offices. They offer free resume reviews and have a blog with helpful job search tips. Their service stands out for assigning resumes to industry-specific writers, ensuring relevancy and expertise. However, their package includes only two rounds of resume revisions within 14 days, and they lack a satisfaction or interview guarantee, which might be a drawback for some clients. Their pricing is reasonable, catering to professionals at all career stages, with a promise of experienced and certified resume writers.

Pros: Industry-specific writers, free resume reviews.

Cons: Limited revisions, no satisfaction or interview guarantee.

Fees: $159 – $349

8. Resumes By Design

Resumes By Design, led by Cheryl Harland, an award-winning expert with a background in executive recruiting and HR, offers over 20 years of resume writing experience. Cheryl’s one-on-one client engagement and her 98% success rate in securing new jobs for clients are highlights of her service. However, the service’s cost is quite high compared to other providers, and the samples on the website are not easy to read. This service is ideal for those seeking a highly personalized experience and willing to invest in a premium service.

Pros: Personalized service from Cheryl, 20+ years of experience.

Cons: High cost, difficult-to-read samples on the website.

Fees: $695+

9. Resumes That Sell You

Owned by Deborah Gomez, this service has been crafting resumes since 2005, emphasizing practical, effective resume strategies. Focused primarily on entry-level job seekers, they offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. A strong point is their affordable packages, ideal for those entering the workforce. However, the service’s transparency could be improved, as it’s unclear whether Deborah has a team of writers and the website lacks sample resumes. Despite these minor drawbacks, their long-standing presence and focus on cost-effective solutions make them a reliable choice for budget-conscious job seekers.

Fees: $125 – $175​​.

10. Houston Resume Writing

Houston Resume Writing offers a local touch with its in-depth understanding of the Houston job market. Specializing in a variety of industries, they provide a personalized approach, offering in-person meetings to better understand each client’s career goals. Their commitment to avoiding template use ensures each resume is uniquely tailored. The service requires potential clients to contact them for custom quotes, and there’s a lack of detailed information about the qualifications of individual resume writers. Despite these factors, their local presence and tailored services make them a valuable resource for Houston job seekers. Fees: ~$200+

11. Williams Commerce Writing Services

Established in 2014 by Ross Williams, a certified resume writer and author, this service brings a wealth of experience to resume writing. Williams has published various articles and books on career-related topics, enhancing his expertise in crafting compelling resumes. The service stands out for its comprehensive approach, offering not just resume writing but also resume review services. However, potential clients might find the lack of detailed information about the writing process and the absence of resume samples on their website a limitation. Nevertheless, their competitive pricing and varied services make them an accessible option for job seekers.

Fees: $124.99