LinkedIn is a fantastic way to find your next position and has many great features. One of these features is LinkedIn Premium Career, and many job seekers wonder if it is worth it. The following article will explain if LinkedIn Premium Career is worth it or not. 

What is LinkedIn Premium Career? 

LinkedIn Premium Career for job seekers is a subscription service to give job seekers an advantage when landing their next role.  

What benefits do you get with a LinkedIn premium Career account? 

You get the following benefits when you get a LinkedIn Premium Career account:

  1. Ranking higher on employers list 

This feature allows you to rank higher when applying for roles on LinkedIn. This will make potential employers view your profile first. This might be the best feature of the tool as the top of any list gets the most attention when hiring managers are going through profiles. 

  1. Job candidate breakdown 

This tool gives you much insight into the kinds of candidates who have applied for a role. This info can give you the insight to see how to compare to other applying candidates. This tool could save you time applying for positions where there are more qualified candidates already in process. 

  1. See how you rank. 

This feature sees how you rank with candidates who likes you in numerous categories. This tool is a decent feature as it can show how you rank compared to your peers. 

  1. Larger profile picture 

This feature allows you to have a larger profile picture, making you stand out more from other applicants. 

  1. Customized background photo 

You also get an option for a customized background. This can also make you stand out from other job seekers. 

  1. See who has viewed your profile 

With Premium, you can see who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days. This does not include individuals who have blocked themselves from this on LinkedIn. 

  1. 5 InMail’s a month 

You get to send 5 InMail’s a month to send directly to a potential employer. This could be a useful tool if you are comfortable contacting hiring managers directly. 

  1.  Advanced search

This tool allows you to search beyond your network when researching potential hiring managers and HR. 

  1. OpenLink Network feature 

This feature allows anyone the ability to connect with you without being connected or introduced to them. This tool can expand your network and easily enable recruiters to connect and communicate with you. 

How much does a LinkedIn Premium Career costs?

LinkedIn Premium Career for job seekers costs $29.99 per month or $239.88 if you pay all at once. 

Is LinkedIn Premium Career worth it?

In my opinion, this depends. If you have a needed skill and that very few other job seekers possess, there is no reason to get this package. If you have a solid background with demand in your field, I would not recommend paying for this service. If you have the extra funds and want to get the leg up on your competitors, I would recommend this service. Many of the tools you get could give you an advantage. But like any tool, you must work hard using them and use them the right way.

Try Premium Career for free first 

LinkedIn usually allows you to use the tool for free for at least a month. During this time, you can play with the tool and see if you get a good return on investment when using it.