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You just submitted a resume for your dream job, and with great anticipation, you are wondering if you are going to move forward in the process. You want to follow up, but you want to ensure you do it the right way. The following article will explain the best way to follow up after sending a resume.

Do not follow up if you send an unsolicited resume  

In most cases, it is not recommended to follow up after sending an unsolicited resume, as this is not a typical norm. 

Do not follow up if you applied on your own 

If you apply on your own without the company asking you to send a resume, I would not follow up as it is not an accepted norm. Companies should let you know if you do not move forward, but it is an unexcepted norm to follow-up if you apply without being told to send your resume. 

If you asked to send your resume

If a recruiter or hiring manager asked you to send them your resume, it is appropriate to follow up on your status. 

Interview stage in more appropriate  in flowing up on your status

At other stages, such as the interview stage, it is more appropriate to follow up on your status as you have now directly spoken to someone and are more invested in the process. 

How much time should I wait after sending my resume? 

If you insist on following up, I will wait at least 5 business days to follow up on your application. 

What is the best method of communication? 

Again, if you insist on following up after sending your resume, I would communicate via email as it is a less invasive form of communication. 

Who should I contact? 

You should only contact a person who asked you to send your resume. For example, if HR asked you to send your resume, then only follow up with them. Corresponding with anyone else will make you look pushy and going over other people‚Äôs heads. 

Do not be a pest when following up on your resume 

It is not advised to follow up multiple times when requesting feedback on your resume. By following up many times, you will look like a pest, and most organizations will no longer be interested in your application. 

Be polite when following up on your resume 

If you plan on following up after sending your resume, be polite and courteous as you still want the decision-makers on your side throughout the process. Also, keep the email simple and to the point. 

An example of a follow-up email after sending your resume 

Hi Jennifer,

It was great to correspond with you last week for the Director of Finance role. I am following up on the resume you had asked me to send to you for this role. Please let me know if you have any feedback for me at this time. 

Thank you for your time,

Michelle Roberts 

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Steven Mosytn

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