You have worked hard to gain yourself social media skills, but you are unsure how to add these skills to your current resume. The following article will explain how to list social media skills on a resume.

List your social media skills in the skills section on your resume 

The skills section is primarily used for SEO searches by HR or AI when looking for specific resume skills. 

For this section, list any social media skills that would fit in with the kind of roles you are looking to hire into and possess. For example, if you work in marketing, you might list words like Social Media, PPC Advertising, Display advertising, Social Media Analytics, and other similar words. 

If you work as a social media community manager, you might list Social Media Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Community  Management, Influencer, and other similar words. 

An example might look like this


• Social Media  • Community Management • Facebook • LinkedIn • Instagram • YouTube • Influencers 

• Media • Engagement • Marketing • Branding • Social Media Analytics • Community Building • SEO 

List your social media as a skill under your job function 

Under your job, you list on your resume list any relevant social media skills you might have. For example, if you work as a social media manager and have to implement PPC Advertising on a social media platform, list that skill. 

An example might look like this

ACME INC                                         April 2018 to Present 


As a Marketing manager, lead full life cycle social media initiates for Acme, the leading office system provider.  Specific accomplishments include the following:

  • Organically increased social media properties by over 130% in only 2 years by increasing customer engagements. 
  • Achieved a $0.03 cost per like and $0.82 Cost Per Click with Facebook advertising. 
  • Built three accounts on Instagram in 5 months, totaling over 1,834,000 followers
  • Increased profits generated from social media from under $100,000 to over $1,432,232 in just 2 years. 

Do not list social media skills that are not relevant to your job on your resume 

Social media skills are excellent and useful in many professions, but there is no point in listing them on your resume if there are no relevant points to your career. For example, if you work as an ICU nurse listing social media skills on your resume does not help you land your next role.