A section that is ignored on many resumes that could add tremendous value to your resume is listing volunteer work. The following article will explain why it is essential to list volunteer work on your resume. 

Why should you list volunteer work on your resume?

You should list volunteer work on your resume because it shows an applicant as a person who cares about things beyond themselves, such as caring about the community. Many organizations recognize this as a quality that can be transferred into a compassionate candidate who can positively impact their organization.  

Some organizations highly value volunteer experience 

Many companies love employees who give back to the community at large. By having volunteer work on your resume, you might have more chances in that company being interested in your background. 

What type of volunteer work should I not list on a resume? 

It would be best if you did not list any volunteer work that is controversial on your resume. This includes politics or any controversial organization that some people might find offensive. 

Executives especially need to list volunteer work on their resume

It is expected that executives have major volunteering experience listed on their resumes.  It is a norm and expectation that executives are beyond leaders and are contributors to the communities in which they live. 

What kind of volunteer work should executives be involved in?  

It is recommended that executives leaders volunteer in significant roles with both charities and not-for-profits. This includes sitting on boards and leadership positions. As discussed earlier, it is not recommended to volunteer with controversial organizations that others might find offensive. 

Should I list past volunteer experience on my resume?  

It is acceptable to list past volunteer experience on your resume as it shows past volunteer experience. It is even acceptable to list volunteer work from over 10 years back. In my opinion, for dated volunteer experience, it is best not to list dates.

Where should you put volunteer work experience on your resume? 

I would recommend putting volunteer work experience at the back of your resume under its own category or under additional information sections. Below you will see examples of both.


Habitat for Humanity, Board of Directors, 2015 to Present 

Food Bank of Dallas, Treasurer, 2019 to Present 


Volunteering: Habitat for Humanity, Board of Directors, 2015 to Present 

Food Bank of Dallas, Treasurer, 2019 to Present 

Awards: Emerging Leaders – CIO Magazine

Languages: English, Spanish, and French