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Top 11 Professional Resume Writing Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Understanding the significance of this crucial career tool, we have meticulously compiled a list of the top 11 professional resume-writing services in Phoenix. Each service has been selected based on its unique strengths, ranging from personalized touch and industry-specific expertise to cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround times. This guide aims to help you find a resume writing service that aligns with your individual needs and career goals, ensuring that your first impression to potential employers is impactful and memorable.

1. Superstar Resume Superstar Resume is renowned for its exceptionally personalized approach to resume writing, catering to a diverse array of industries and career levels. The service boasts a team of seasoned writers, each skilled in highlighting a client’s unique career journey. They prioritize understanding individual career goals, ensuring resumes not only reflect professional achievements but also align with future aspirations. The quick turnaround time is a testament to their efficiency, making them a valuable asset for job seekers in a time crunch. While the fees might be higher compared to some other services, the value delivered through bespoke expertise and attentive customer service makes it a top choice for those seeking a competitive edge.

Fees: Starting from $169.

Superstar Resume

No.Service ProviderProsConsFees
1Superstar ResumeHighly personalized service, skilled writers in various industries, quick turnaround.Higher pricing compared to some services.Starting from $169
2Perfect ResumeIn-person services, high-impact results, led by experienced resume writer Kent Lee.Turnaround time not listed.$225 – $575
3ResumeZestAffordable pricing, quick turnaround, 60-day interview guarantee, caters to over 75 industries.Newer company, lack of long-term industry presence.$279 – $479
4Find My ProfessionComprehensive and personalized service, ATS compatibility, strong industry track record.Higher pricing, no physical office in Phoenix.$395 – $995
5Virtuoso ResumesUnlimited revisions, personalized service, resumes written by experienced founder.Higher fees, unspecified turnaround time.$299 – $499+
6Arizona ResumeExtensive experience, wide industry coverage, led by Barbara Urlaub with over 30 years of experience.Turnaround time not listed.$299 – $599
7Do My Resume.NETIndustry-specific writers, offers in-person meetings for executive clients, 30 days of revisions.Limited process information.$229 – $349
8A+ Resumes & Career CoachingPersonalized service with free consultations, resumes written by Martha Rockwell, a Certified Professional Resume Writer.High upper-range fees.$300 – $1500+
9NimoHRTailored services focusing on the employer’s perspective, HR expertise by Abby Nimoh.Limited resume process details.$229 – $429
10Get Hired ProAffordable, suitable for entry-level job seekers, over 20 years of HR experience by Rebecca Skov.Not suited for high-level executive resumes.$200 – $425
11PromotedCompetitive pricing, modern resume strategies for diverse job markets.Less established than other services.$219

2. Perfect Resume

Perfect Resume offers a unique blend of personalized service and high-impact results, making it a go-to choice for job seekers in Phoenix. Specializing in crafting resumes that effectively capture a client’s professional essence, Perfect Resume stands out for its in-person services, led by Kent Lee, a highly experienced resume writer. This personal touch ensures that each resume not only showcases the client’s skills and experiences but also resonates with potential employers. While the turnaround time isn’t explicitly listed, which might be a concern for those on tight schedules, their commitment to quality and client satisfaction positions them as a reliable partner in your job search journey.

Fees: $225 – $575.

Perfect Resume

3. ResumeZest

ResumeZest has quickly made a name for itself in the resume writing industry, offering affordable and high-quality services across more than 75 industries. Their team of professional writers, all members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC), are dedicated to crafting resumes that stand out in today’s competitive job market. Despite being a newer player, ResumeZest’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their 60-day interview guarantee. This assurance, combined with their cost-effective pricing and rapid turnaround, makes them an attractive option for job seekers seeking both value and excellence.

Fees: $279 – $479.

4. Find My Profession

Find My Profession is not just a resume writing service but a comprehensive career consultancy. Their service is distinguished by the team’s extensive experience across over 85 industries, offering personalized consultations to ensure each resume is tailored to the client’s career trajectory. The resumes are known for their compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and have a consistent track record of helping clients land positions in prestigious companies. Although operating virtually without a physical presence in Phoenix, their wide-reaching impact and numerous positive reviews solidify their reputation as a top-tier service. The pricing reflects the quality and thoroughness of their services, making them a worthy investment for those seeking a holistic approach to their career advancement.

Fees: $395 – $995.

Find My Profession

5. Virtuoso Resumes

Virtuoso Resumes specializes in providing a highly personalized resume writing experience. Krista Morris, the founder, brings two decades of industry expertise to the table, ensuring that each resume is not just a document, but a narrative that highlights the client’s professional journey. The service is particularly notable for offering unlimited revisions, a testament to their commitment to client satisfaction. While the fees are towards the higher end, and the turnaround time is not specified, the bespoke nature of their service and the depth of expertise offered make Virtuoso Resumes a valuable choice for those seeking a resume that truly speaks to their individual strengths and career aspirations.

Fees: $299 – $499+.

Virtuoso Resumes

6. Arizona Resume

Arizona Resume, under the guidance of Barbara Urlaub, has established itself as a premier resume writing service, offering effective and compelling resumes for a wide array of industries. With over three decades of experience, Barbara brings a depth of knowledge and an understanding of industry trends that are unparalleled. The service is characterized by its ability to translate a client’s career history into a powerful and persuasive narrative, making each resume a strategic tool in the job search. While the turnaround time is not explicitly mentioned, the breadth of experience and commitment to quality make Arizona Resume a top choice for those seeking a resume that makes a lasting impression.

Fees: $299 – $599.

Arizona Resume

7. Do My Resume.NET

Do My Resume.NET stands out with its tailored approach, offering industry-specific resume writing services. They provide a unique blend of personalization and professionalism, with a focus on meeting the specific needs of each client. What sets them apart is their offer of in-person meetings for executive-level clients, ensuring a high degree of customization. The 30-day revision period further underscores their commitment to client satisfaction. While the website could provide more detailed information about their process and team, their industry-specific expertise and personalized approach make them a strong contender in the Phoenix job market.

Fees: $229 – $349.

Do My Resume.NET

8. A+ Resumes & Career Coaching

A+ Resumes & Career Coaching offers a service that goes beyond mere resume writing; it’s a holistic approach to career development. Led by Martha Rockwell, a Certified Professional Resume Writer, the service excels in crafting resumes that not only showcase the client’s skills and experiences but also align with their career goals. The free consultations add a personalized touch, allowing clients to fully express their career aspirations. The high-end pricing reflects the comprehensive nature of the service, making it an ideal choice for those seeking not just a resume, but a career partner.

Fees: $300 – $1500+.

A+ Resumes & Career Coaching

9. NimoHR

NimoHR, helmed by Abby Nimoh with extensive HR experience, offers resume writing services with a unique perspective – focusing on the hiring process from the employer’s viewpoint. This approach ensures that each resume not only presents the client’s qualifications and achievements but also aligns with what employers in today’s market are seeking. The service is tailored to each client’s needs, providing a strategic advantage in the job search process. Although the specific details of the resume writing process are not extensively detailed on the website, Abby’s HR expertise makes NimoHR a valuable choice for job seekers aiming to make their resumes stand out to potential employers.

Fees: $229 – $429.


10. Get Hired Pro

Get Hired Pro is an affordable and effective solution for entry-level job seekers in Phoenix. Owned by Rebecca Skov, who brings over 20 years of HR experience to the table, the service focuses on creating resumes that are not only professionally polished but also strategically aligned with entry-level job market trends. This focus ensures that new graduates and those at the start of their careers have resumes that effectively launch their professional journeys. While the service may not cater to high-level executive resume needs, its affordability and alignment with the needs of entry-level job seekers make it a standout choice.

Fees: $200 – $425.

Get Hired Pro

11. Promoted

Promoted offers professional resume writing services that are not just effective but also competitively priced. Their focus on modern, effective resume strategies ensures that clients’ resumes are aligned with current job market trends, providing a distinct advantage. The service is particularly suitable for those looking to make their resumes stand out in diverse job markets. While it may not have the same level of visibility as some more established services, Promoted’s competitive pricing and commitment to modern resume strategies make it a valuable option for job seekers in Phoenix.

Fees: $219.