In the heart of Boston, a city teeming with professional opportunities, having a standout resume is essential. Whether you’re aiming for a career leap, a fresh start in a new field, or stepping into the job world for the first time, a well-crafted resume is your key to success. This guide showcases the top 10 resume writing services in Boston, each offering unique expertise to help you land your dream job.

1. is a premier resume writing service in Boston, celebrated for its award-winning team and innovative approach. They specialize in crafting modern and compelling resumes that effectively highlight clients’ skills and achievements. Known for their swift turnaround of 1-3 days and inclusive revision process, they provide resumes in Microsoft Word and PDF formats, ensuring both versatility and quality. is ideal for professionals seeking prompt, personalized, and high-caliber resume services.

Fees: Starting From 169$


No.Service ProviderDescriptionFeesURL
1SuperStarResume.comBest known for innovative and effective resume crafting by a team of award-winning writers. Offers quick turnaround and personalized
2Fiverr’s Resume WritersA global platform connecting clients with diverse freelance resume writers. Offers affordability and a wide range of styles.Starting from $5Fiverr Resume Writers
3New England ResumesProviding comprehensive packages since 2009, including specialized services for various professional needs.Custom-quotedNew England Resumes
4Otto ResumesFocuses on real-world applications and individuality in resume writing. Known for custom-crafted resumes.Custom-quotedOtto Resumes
5ResumeSpiceSpecializes in unforgettable, bespoke resumes. Known for creating impactful resumes that help clients stand out.$300 – $500ResumeSpice
6Beacon ResumeOffers over three decades of resume writing and editing experience, transforming standard resumes into professional documents.$300 – $500Beacon Resume
7Job Search DivasCombines resume writing with career coaching, offering a personalized approach to career development.Individual pricingJob Search Divas
8Same Day ResumeKnown for quick, professional services with a 24-hour turnaround and satisfaction guarantee.$300 – $500Same Day Resume
9Whole UOffers career coaching along with resume editing, focusing on educating clients in resume writing.Custom-quotedWhole U
10Elevated ResumesRenowned for modern and polished resume designs, specializing in creating distinctive resumes.$495 – $1795Elevated Resumes
11Boston Resume ServiceExpert in the local job market, offering personalized resumes that resonate with Boston employers.Custom-quotedBoston Resume Service

2. Fiverr’s Resume Writers Fiverr is a global marketplace connecting clients with a diverse range of freelance resume writers. It’s a treasure trove for those seeking professional resume writing services at affordable prices. With a vast array of writers each bringing their unique style and experience, Fiverr allows you to choose a writer that best fits your specific needs, budget, and style preferences. The platform’s user-friendly interface and transparent review system help ensure you find the perfect match for your resume needs.

Fees: Starting from $5.

URL: Fiverr Resume Writers

3. New England Resumes New England Resumes has been a cornerstone in Boston’s resume writing scene since 2009. Offering a range of packages including specialized services for academics, they are known for their detailed and personalized approach. With each package encompassing resume writing, cover letters, and LinkedIn makeovers, they provide a holistic solution to your job application needs. Their focus on client satisfaction and quality makes them a top choice for Boston professionals across various industries.

Fees: Custom-quoted.

URL: New England Resumes

4. Otto Resumes Otto Resumes stands out with its focus on crafting custom-made resumes that exhibit each client’s individuality and value. They understand the importance of a resume that genuinely reflects your professional journey and strengths. Otto Resumes is perfect for those who seek a service that offers not just a resume but a portrayal of their professional narrative.

Fees: Custom-quoted.

URL: Otto Resumes

5. ResumeSpice ResumeSpice is a highly regarded service in Boston, known for creating unforgettable and unique resumes. Their specialization in crafting bespoke resumes helps clients stand out in the competitive job market. With a team of experts dedicated to each client’s career success, they offer a service that goes beyond just resume writing, aiming to make a significant impact on your job search.

Fees: $300 – $500.

URL: ResumeSpice

6. Beacon Resume Beacon Resume, with its extensive experience spanning over three decades, offers a range of services including resume writing, editing, and critique. Their expertise in transforming standard resumes into professional and attention-grabbing documents makes them a sought-after service for individuals looking to elevate their job application materials.

Fees: $300 – $500.

URL: Beacon Resume

7. Job Search Divas Job Search Divas, founded by Elizabeth Gross, offers a unique blend of resume writing and career coaching. Despite being relatively new, they have made a significant impact by providing tailored services that cater to each client’s specific career objectives. They are especially beneficial for those seeking comprehensive career support.

Fees: Individual pricing.

URL: Job Search Divas

8. Same Day Resume For those in need of quick, professional resume services, Same Day Resume is an ideal choice. Known for their 24-hour turnaround and satisfaction guarantee, they cater to clients requiring immediate assistance without sacrificing quality.

Fees: $300 – $500.

URL: Same Day Resume

9. Whole U

Whole U stands out primarily as a career coaching service but also offers invaluable resume editing packages. Their approach is educational, focusing on teaching clients, especially new graduates, how to craft their resumes effectively. This service is ideal for those who are not just looking for a quick fix but are eager to learn the skills necessary to create a compelling resume on their own. Whole U’s dedication to empowering job seekers in crafting their narratives makes it particularly beneficial for those entering the workforce.

Fees: Custom-quoted.

URL: Whole U

10. Elevated Resumes Elevated Resumes is renowned for its modern and polished resume designs, making it a standout service in the Boston area. They specialize in creating resumes that are not only visually appealing but also effectively tailored to each client’s unique professional profile. With a focus on contemporary and unforgettable resume styles, Elevated Resumes caters to clients aiming to distinguish themselves in a crowded job market. The service is ideal for those who value a resume that combines aesthetic appeal with professional substance.

Fees: $495 – $1795.

URL: Elevated Resumes

11. Boston Resume Service Boston Resume Service is known for its expertise in the local job market, offering a tailored approach to resume writing. Their deep understanding of Boston’s diverse professional landscape allows them to create resumes that effectively resonate with local employers. The service prides itself on its ability to enhance clients’ resumes to reflect their skills and achievements in a manner that appeals specifically to Boston’s job market demands. With a focus on personalized service and local industry knowledge, Boston Resume Service is ideal for those seeking to navigate the Boston job market with confidence.

Fees: Custom-quoted.

URL: Boston Resume Service