Many executive job seekers have a very common question when they get a job offer. Which is how much notice they should give their current employers when leaving their current job? This article will explain what kind of notice period you should give when accepting a job offer. This article will also give you much insight and information on the various scenarios that can happen when you give your notice to your employers. 

What is the typical notice you should give when Leaving a Job?

This varies from company to company and can vary from just 2 weeks up to 3 months at the extreme end, with the average notice period for executive being around 3-4 weeks on average. 

Know or find out your notice period 

Almost all executive jobs have a specific notice period they are required to give if they leave their current firm, and it is usually signed when they accept the job. 

Whatever your contract dictates are the minimum notice you should give when leaving a job. 

If you do not have dates in your employment contract, then the suggested norm would be to give 3 weeks for an executive role. 

HR usually asks the beginning of the interview process 

Typically, HR will ask a job seeker at the beginning of the interview process how much notice period you will need if you accept a job with that employer. It is good practice to stick to the time you give potential employers as it shows your ability to keep your word. 

New employers will only wait for so long 

You might have had a fantastic interview with a company that wants to hire you, but if you give an unrealistic date to start your new role, they might have your offer rescinded. Most firms will only wait for so long if you ask for too many extra weeks to switch employers. 

What about if you are relocating to the same country? 

Suppose you are relocating within the same country to a new job. In that case, most organizations understand there will be extended time to settle and move and allow anywhere from 2-8 weeks addition to your notice period. 

What if your new job requires a visa?

If your new role requires a type of working visa, it can take anywhere from 6 weeks to years, depending on the country, the visa, and the executive qualifications. Most employers will only wait for so long if they must wait on a visa. 

This kind of question is also best to ask local immigration lawyers who have the knowledge, and expertise in this area. 

Leave on good terms  

Although your contract might indicate only giving a short time frame, like only 2 weeks, you might consider giving more time if you are in the middle of major initiatives.

If you are to leave during a major initiative with only 2 weeks, you might leave on bad terms. Your long-term reputation is essential; therefore, you might consider giving a few extra weeks’ notices to finish up any major initiative you might have.